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Primers & Caps



Large & small

Hogdon Powders

Ramshot powder

In stock          

PPU ammunition

In stock

Enfield canvas bag 1937 Patt printed (reproduction)

£ 35.00


.22 Blazer

 per 100 rnds



Black powder

(Henry Krank)

Fine Medium Coarse

500g            44.50

.224  .303  .308.  6mm  6.5  .243

.338  8mm .38 & more bullets in stock

A large selection of equipment, components & ammunition is available from the Barbican  Armoury shop. There are just a few listed here

So phone with your requirements, if it is not in stock I can usually get it in for you.

New for 2023

Historic firearm copies can be made to order from muzzle loading pistols, bolt action rifles to Cannon.

The picture to the right is of the .45 acp De-lisle, these copies made to U.K. Specification.

A few of the item available from Barbican Armoury


Vintage & Modern parts and accessories

 Rifles, Shotguns, Muzzle loaders, Handguns Sec 5

.45 acp Barbican De-Lisle.

Silencer shroud and baffles ready to fit

Gun sales Enfield rifle parts in stock:  Sights, woodwork, screws and fittings, barrels and actions. 2024