What we do at the Barbican Armoury

NRA shooters safety certification, included with club membership.

Re-loading courses,

Muzzle loading safety courses.

Phone: 0191 3782880 for details

Re-loading & Ammunition

Re-loading components are kept in stock at the Barbican Armoury shop.

Loading kits are tailored to your requirements & are available from 170.00 In stock.

.22 ammunition is available from 7.50 per 100 rounds.

When you join the Barbican club you can have free lessons in safe re-loading procedures.

Black powder:  Is available from the shop @ 23.00 per 500g. Club members receive training in the safe use of muzzle loading  & historic arms.

         All Training is included in your club membership


Full bore rifle & pistol



Target shooting

Firearms Training

Barbican Gun Club & Facilities

Indoor range                           (Home office approved)

Full Bore outdoor ranges          (firearms NRA Safety certification & training)

Muzzle loaders                        (Rifle pistol and shotgun Tuition and safety training)

Clay shoot                              (Muzzle loading shotguns & Modern)

Cannon shoot                          (Muzzle loading miniature cannon)

Re-loading facilities,                 (Tuition in safe Re-loading)

Historic 7(3) facility                  ( Historic hand gun & firearms research)


We Have a club sitting room with open fire & refreshments available

Re-Loading bench & work facility plus Shop.  

New members:     Firearms are provided for you to use at the club.

Gun sales http://www.barbicanhistoricfirearms.co.uk