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A Large collection of Firearms are kept in stock.

There are vintage, new and pre-owned rifles & shotguns available in stock or to order.

Historic firearm copies can be made to order from muzzle loading pistols to Cannon.

For enquiries about this service Phone 0191 3782880.

Below are a few of the items available from Barbican Armoury

Vintage & Modern

Rifles, Shotguns, Muzzle loaders, Handguns Sec 5  for 7(3) or 7(1)

HOME.25 Daystate Huntsman  FAC       £                                     English Military officers  flintlock      £850.00.22 GSG Firefly £398.007.62x54 Nagant carbine £375                                                     25 Stevens Obsolete             7.92 GEW 98